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Shark Attach 2.0 is a clamshell attachment built to do more.


Easily pick up and set down items on the job, on the side of the road, and at home. Used to pick up deceased roadkill, tires, gravel, stones, sticks, brush, mulch tree trunks, and many more. Shark Attach is ready to work for you.

How It Works / Installation Guide

01. Line Up

Your Vehicle

Line up your vehicle and be sure to be accurate to ensure a safe and secure fit. Drive up, make your connection, and attach your cables and chains.

02. Connect To Your

Existing Plow Mount

Shark Attach connects to your existing plow hookup system. Simply drive up, connect, and go. Shark Attach is compatible with most all major plow brands since every attachment and brackets are custom made to order.

03. Connect Your

Cables & Hydraulics

Don't forget to connect your cables and hydraulics just like your standard plow attachment. Shark Attach connects to your existing power cable system to control the bucket with hydraulics.

04. Tackle Your

Next Project

Once properly secured and double checked, Shark Attach is ready to take on anything you can throw at it. Remember, like most plows, Shark Attach has a max speed limit of 40mph. Be sure to follow all normal traffic rules and general guidelines for plow's while operating your Shark Attach.

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